Water Softener Systems the APS Way

When we select partners to supply water softener systems, it is important to find brands and models that save our customers money and frustration. That’s just how we do business.

Water filter

While many customers don’t know they have hard water, others definitely do. A common question is, “why can’t I just use a filter on my faucet or pitcher?”

There’s more than just taste that’s affected by hard water. When you only filter your drinking and cooking water, the rest of the house still gets the undesirable water.

You might notice it in your shower. Minerals like calcium and magnesium decrease the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. Because they keep the soap from dissolving, more is required. The result is soap that sticks to your skin and keeps hair dull and lifeless. This same effect is keeping your clothes from getting clean too.

Finally, among many reasons the simplistic filters mentioned doesn’t cut it – the rest of your plumbing gets the hard water. Those same two biggest culprits (magnesium and calcium) deposit as scale buildup in your pipes, slowing water flow and decreasing the life of your appliances.

Water Softener Salt

One of our most popular models (pictured here) is The Trusco WaterLovers Softener System. What our residential clients love most is that with as little as four pounds of salt per regeneration cycle, the system provides the homeowner with great water at a reasonable price.

When you start with a cost-effective unit, keep salt costs down, and use simple programming that keeps your system operating consistently and frustration-free for years to come. All installed by a plumber you can trust.

Water Lovers Softener